Thursday, May 14, 2009

A new thread

I attended a ladies' shopping & pamper night at a school in Hitchin this week. Usually at these events I am very restrained and don't indulge myself - work is work, after all! This time there was a lady doing threading - and at just £3 a treatment, I couldn't resist trying it out.

If you don't already know, threading is a method of hair removal that uses...well, thread! The therapist twists cotton thread to grab hairs and pluck them out. It is used for eyebrow shaping and other facial hair.

I was pretty nervous as I took to the couch. After all, I didn't want to be the wuss who yelped during her treatment! First job was my eyebrows. I confess that other than plucking to prevent the werewolf-brows-meeting-in-the-middle look, I don't shape them. I am quite lucky that they aren't too bushy, but as the years go by I am aware that a little "lift" would open up my eye area.

I was amazed that threading was no more painful than plucking - and because it deals with many hairs at a time it was far less of an ordeal. In less than 5 minutes my brows were as shapely and stylish as I could have wished! Next for the upper lip...

Why I am admitting to the world that I need hair removing from the moustache area, I don't know! Such dedication to my blog!

Anyway, because I have dark hair, the few I have in that area do show up. The therapist warned me that this would be more uncomfortable, and I can testify that she didn't lie! It wasn't as bad as having a tattoo (not that my upper lip is tattoed, you understand) but it did really sting. For about half an hour afterwards I felt like the area was swollen, but it wasn't. The result was amazing - I hadn't realised how dark the area appeared before.

Threading is definitely something I will have done again. People have noticed a subtle difference in my appearance, but can't identify what it is. I look brighter and fresher, like I did 10 years ago after a good night's sleep.

Threading - Shoe Lady Approved!

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