Monday, April 20, 2009

Best week ever! And proof, if you need it

Last week was officially my best week ever as a Shoe Lady. Lots of lovely shoes found new homes (the Diva sandals I featured a little while ago were especially popular on Friday evening!). Lots of ladies were smiling. I am very pleased to confirm, that what we all knew is true - giving yourself a treat is a good thing!

This article in yesterday's Sunday Times is spot on! I especially liked this quote:

Pine* also warns against getting caught up in the recession frenzy. “People are being frugal, and it’s catching,” she says. “Take a reality check, and if you’ve cleared your credit-card bill or managed to save something this month, then why not have a bottle of champagne with dinner tonight?”

*A university professor researching shopping habits

I think the upturn I have seen in party bookings and sales show that people are reassessing the impact of the economic downturn on their lives, and are frequently finding that it isn't as bad as they had feared. The sun is out, you can't live on value beans forever! Of course, my "nothing over £50" policy helps, before you even browse the racks! (I recognise that there are many people who have been badly affected by the wider economy's troubles, and I know that a £50 pair of shoes will seem excessively frivolous to them. I do not mean to be crass or offensive.)

I don't advocate spending what you can't afford, and I can often hold a pair for you until payday, if it helps you. But you know what? I think don't think things are as grim as we thought! Hooray!

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