Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boost staff morale for free

One of the things I do is to visit offices so that women have the chance to see and try on shoes in the breaktimes. It is a real morale booster, and costs the employer nothing. (If you think your female staff need a lift, drop me a note at

I also deliver shoes to customers on request. Sometimes they regret not buying from me at the event they attended, and call me later to ask if the shoes are still available. Sometimes I order specially for them. Either way, I am happy to deliver the shoes to their hoe or workplace. Try asking for that service at your high street shoe shop!

I recently delivered a pair on request to a lady who had seen my shoes at a corporate event. Today she emailed me:

Hi Lisa,

Just want to let you know that I love the shoes! I have worn them several times and have found them very comfortable and easy to wear. I have also had quite a few compliments paid to me about them. So, just want to say a big thanks - it was worth all the effort you put into bringing them to me.

Let me know when you're in next so I don't miss seeing your next lot.

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