Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It happens, get on with life

Today I was at 4 Networking Stevenage, helping to run the group as usual. I felt great, there were great people there and I was wearing a gorgeous dress with my cherry red heels. All was well with the world...

Until the zip at the side of the dress - the one that runs from armpit to hip - broke. You know, when the two sides of the zip part company with each other and you can't make them meet up again...

Luckily I was wearing a camisole underneath, so it wasn't completely revealing, but hardly the image I wanted!

In situations like that, what else can you do? Nothing really was on show that shouldn't have been, I was decent and the only problem was my sense of dignity. The options were to leave abruptly, to borrow a jacket from someone else or to just carry on.

I chose to patch it up as best as I could with the single tiny safety pin available and carry on with as much grace as I could. I believe that was right decision and allowed me to continue networking and to demonstrate a confidence that (perhaps) I wasn't feeling! I certainly wasn't going to allow it to interfere with my day.

Still, I expect they'll all remember who I am! And compared to Lily Allen, I was demure!

Actually, I think my gorgeous Shoes Galore shoes draw the attention from the gaping dress anyway. Hee hee.

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