Monday, July 20, 2009

Natural Born Style Confidence

My 3 year old daughter is inspiring. I don't know if I was ever like her, but she is now my official style icon.

Let's deal with the clothing first. She puts together outfits with decisiveness and conviction, never caring that other people may find her choices somewhat unusual. My favourite was the sparkly party dress, with a Tshirt over the top ("Mummy, I knew you would tell me that I would be too cold") and a swimsuit over all of that. Yes, you read it right - a swimsuit. And she just knew she looked fabulous.

Today I was at a meeting with my partner in Little Luxuries, when my phone rang. It was my husband, and he sounded nervous.

"Um, while I was in the garden the 3 year old brought me a toy saucepan full of hair. Her hair."

I confess that I giggled. "How much hair?" I asked.

"Um..I don't think it is too bad, but you'll need to take a look," he hedged.

On returning home and viewing the results, I found that my daughter's once shoulder-blade tickling locks were now mostly jaw length. Mostly is an important word in that sentence. There were several sections that were still long. I gently enquired about whether she required my services to tidy up her new style.

"No Mummy. I cut the bits I didn't want anymore, and the long bits that are left are the bits I do want."

Perfect! And you know, she rocks that hacked-by-a-3-year-old look! I'm not going to force her to let me neaten it all up, because she planned her look and she loves it. Unconventional it may be, but if we all had her style confidence, wouldn't we be happier in our skins instead of worrying about what other people were thinking?

I frequently meet women who tell me that they love the pink shoes (or purple or green - you get the idea) but that they "just aren't me". Rubbish! Next time you are inhibited by style convention, think of my daughter, with her uneven hair cut and her swimsuit over her dress. I truly hope she never loses that creativity and confidence - and neither should you!


  1. She sounds like a superstar :D

    Do we get pics?

  2. We have a policy if no identifiable pictures of the kids online policy, which means you miss our on the glory of my little Vidal Sassoon/Zandra Rhodes. Sorry!

  3. He He !
    I am very lucky to say that I do know the little trend setter in the making and can't wait to see her in all her newdesign glory !