Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 reasons to advertise in Fun Under Five

1. Fun Under Five is the only publication across Hertfordshire listing just activities for under 5's. This means that families can be confident that everything in it is available to their child, unlike other publications where the majority of ads are for old children.

2. Fun Under Five has a unique listing format which is designed to give families the maximum amount of information about your activity in a neat format. This means that they don't need to phone you to find out they aren't available on the day your class runs - when they call you they are more than likely going to book.

3. Fun Under Five lists activities geographically. Families are able to look at just the listings in their area, meaning you are more likely to be found.

4. Fun Under Five lists activities by category, such as Dance, Creative etc. Families can easily identify what you do, whether they are searching for a specific activity type, or looking for inspiration.

5. Fun Under Five is not a franchise. I created Fun Under Five, I decide how things look and how things work! Not only is that good for my ego, it means I can discuss with you your specific marketing needs and adapt your listing to suit you. I can create new listing categories as required.

6. Every listing in the printed directory gives you 12 months on our website free. You can update the website as often as you like during the year, keeping your details accurate and up to date.

7. You don't need to create artwork. Fun Under Five's listing format means we take your raw information and put it to work! You save money and time because you aren't paying a designer or trying to put something together yourself.

8. Fun Under Five has a small format, so parents can pin it to a noticeboard or carry it in a handbag. It isn't a "read-once & recycle" publication.

9. Fun Under Five is cost-effective. A single listing costs just £50, with discounts for multiple bookings. For many of my advertisers, the listing is paid for if they get just one new customer - and if that customer stays for more than one term, then you are in profit!

10. Most advertisers stay with me for 4 issues or even more - they wouldn't do that if it didn't work!

The next issue comes out in a couple of weeks - there's just enough time to book a listing! Contact me before Friday and get your summer holiday & autumn term activities fully booked!

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