Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Business Entertainment Challenge

When you are looking to plan a business social event, or client entertainment, what comes to mind? My guess is that it depends on whether you are a man or a woman.

The classic event is a golf day. Throughout my corporate life I have seen these events take place with little thought for the messages they send out. Let's look at the facts:

1. Golf remains an elitist activity. To become any good, you have to invest a lot of time and money. If you aren't any good, most of the courses where these events are held won't let you play, so you are excluded from the event.

2. Golf is, historically, a man's game. I'm not denying that many women do play, but they remain in the minority.

If you run a golf day, who are you excluding? Your key client or contact who doesn't play for whatever reason. And how do you make them feel? Like an outsider, like someone who isn't part of the establishment and whose business and personal advancement is at a disadvantage? And how does that promote your business relationship?

The trouble is, what else is there? Many events aimed at women will be pamper or spa days, but this is also stereotyping. There is an urgent need for inclusive events that engage men and women equally, that do not exclude people based on their background or experience.

So, let's generate some ideas!


  1. Wine tasting, cheese tasteing, 'Its a Knockout' competition, creativity games competition (men vs ladies) - contact me to run this one!, antiques roadshow, ready-steady-cook, radio-controlled cars/boats race, improvisation session (I know the top guy in the UK for this), mini-Glastonbury style festival, treasure hunts, music workshops, storytelling workshops, unlock the artist within, have your portrait painted, tour of historic site, 'Apprentice-style' competition, comedy club, chocolate factory, brewery/distillery tour. Contact me for more.

  2. Those are great ideas! Anyone got any more?

    I think golf days are easy to arrange, and that's why they are used so often. I hope I haven't given the impression that I don't like the people who organise them - it's just that I think they are a bit too 1990s!