Monday, June 8, 2009

So far in June...

Just a week into the month and there are 2 clear favourites amongst my customers. I think the heat at the start of the month has influenced buying patterns, as they are the 2 most open and airy styles I have.

The first is very casual and comfortable, but with a twist of Shoes Galore style. The cushioned footbed soothes heatsore feet and the embellishments add some fun and colour, even to the chocolate brown version. At £25 plus postage, they make a more delicate choice than Birkenstocks.

The second is slightly more formal, but still very comfortable. The low heel, wealth of colour options and dainty buttons are making this stand out for women who want pretty without being twee. These are £30 plus postage.

With another 3 weeks to go, I wonder what the final winners will be? If you want to see my full range, just get in touch at

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