Sunday, March 22, 2009

5 top tips to prepare your feet for Spring

Next week the clocks change - you can't ignore it any longer! Here are the Shoe Lady's top 5 tips to get your feet ready for Spring!

1. Moisturise! Don't bother with expensive footcreams, get yourself a big tub of aqueous cream. For just a few pounds you'll get a tub big enough to swim in (well, maybe not that big) and it works like a charm. Because it is so cheap, you don't mind being generous with it. Slather it on morning, noon and night and within a couple of days those cracked and horny looking feet will look so much better.

2. Hair removal. I know. None of us have hairy toes, do we? But in case you know somebody else who does, remind them that now is a good time to deal with it. I have no preference for how it is done, but long curly hairs spoil the look of even the most exquisite sandal.

3. Clip your nails. I have a real horror of toenails that are long like fingernails. Clip them straight across and use an emery board to remove any rough edges. Straight cut nails are less likely to turn into ingrowing nails, you know.

4. Cuticles. Over the winter you may have found that the cuticles on your toesnails have crept up and taken over. With all the moisturisation in tip 1, you should find you can gently ease them back into place. I do not recommend cutting them.

5. Polish. Choose what you will, but I say you can't beat a classic French polish on your toes. It looks neat and clean and will never clash with your colourful shoes!

Now, what are you waiting for?

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