Monday, March 16, 2009

Davina's Comic Relief Challenge

I was glued to the first part of Comic Relief on Friday. Partly because of the divine Mr Tennant, but partly in a strange fascination at Davina's shoes. They were incredibly high, so much so that she could barely walk in them. Like a true professional, she managed brilliantly, but they obviously weren't comfortable.

I'm guessing that she has quite small feet. When your feet are tiny, the effect of any high heel is magnified. A 3 inch heel on a size 40 looks very different to a 3 inch heel on a size 35, just because your foot has to be at a steeper angle to get from your toes on the floor to your heel in the air! Davina's were so extreme that as she trotted to the Mastermind chair, she looked like a ballerina en pointe.

So petite-footed ladies should take this into account when shoe shopping. Those skyscraper heels just might not look so good on you. And the slightly lower heel will automactically appear higher on you than on your bigger-footed sisters.

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