Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Under Five News

Today I took delivery of the Spring 2009 issue of the printed directory of Fun Under Five. Having changed printers, I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out, and we will be distrubuting it to libraries, toddler groups and other venues across Hertfordshire ove rthe next week. Look out for it!

The new Across Hertfordshire section is growing in popularity as clients that had classes in just one area when we started 3 years ago have grown until they cover a large part of the county. We introduced the section last issue in response to client feedback. As a completely independent publication, we are able to innovate without getting clearance from a parent company, so we can continue to develop Fun Under Five to work hard for our advertisers.

The web listings are being uploaded as I write, and the updated site is already drawing more and more visits. The search engines are ranking us highly for so many searches now, so our hard work is paying off. Our ambition has always been to be the first choice reference point for activities for children under five in Hertfordshire, and thereby support the businesses across the area offering them. I am very proud of what we have achieved from nothing. Our unique format really does work.

If you know someone with young children in the area, let them know about the site if they haven't found it already - you'll be doing them a favour!

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