Monday, March 2, 2009

So what is a shoe party anyway?

Since Shoes Galore is a fairly new concept to most people, I thought I should tell you something about how it works.

Everyone knows about party plan - you invite your friends, a consultant turns up with some samples and a catalogue and you place orders for future delivery. Well, a Shoe Do is much more fun than that!

You still invite your friends, but when I arrive I have my whole stock of shoes - something like 100 pairs of shoes, plus bags and belts! That's right, a whole load of styles, colours and sizes for you all to actually try on there and then. And if you find something you love (and most people do!) you can buy them and take them home that night. No waiting!

Of course, if I don't have the size you need in the colour you like, you can order from me, and if head office have it in stock you will recieve your gorgeous new shoes in about a week.

It's so much more civilised than going round the shops. The shoes are all there in front of you, you don't have to ask an assistant to go out to the stock room, and if you plan it right you can see what they look like with a range of your own outfits. With a range of styles from flats to heels, casual to evening, there's plenty to keep you amused!

A Shoe Do can be held in almost any venue, from a tiny living room to a corporate restaurant. You can use them as a fundraiser too - sell tickets and I'll give a percentage of all sales to the cause.

The emphasis is always on fun. I don't do selling - you either love a pair or shoes or you don't, and as I have a 28 day no-quibble money-back guarantee, I'd be a fool to talk you into something you didn't really want.

The spring range will begin to be introduced in about 2 weeks. This year I'll be introducing new ranges gradually, so there will always be something new to see. If you live in Hertfordshire or the surrounds I hope to see you soon.

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